GLOCK 23 Gen5 40 S&W 10rd FS

The GLOCK 23 Gen5 .40 S&W 10rd FS is a versatile and reliable handgun for law enforcement, sport shooting, and self-defense. With front slide serrations, fixed sights, and a Safe Action Trigger System, it ensures accuracy, safety, and optimal performance in various scenarios.

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The GLOCK 23 Gen5 40 S&W 10rd FS is a reliable and high-performance handgun designed for law enforcement, sport shooting, and self-defense. Chambered in .40 S&W, a renowned cartridge for stopping power, its 4.02-inch barrel ensures optimal bullet velocity for enhanced accuracy and terminal performance. The ergonomic design of the GLOCK 23 makes it a versatile firearm, delivering exceptional results whether on duty, at the range, or in home defense scenarios.

Featuring front slide serrations, the GLOCK 23 enhances grip and control during slide manipulations, facilitating quick and reliable slide operations. The fixed Glock sights contribute to rapid and accurate target acquisition, offering a clear and precise sight picture in various lighting conditions. The pistol comes with three 10-round magazines, providing a total of 30 rounds for ample ammunition capacity, crucial in high-stress situations or when engaging multiple targets.

Equipped with the renowned Safe Action Trigger System, the GLOCK 23 prioritizes safety, ensuring the trigger can only be pulled when intentional pressure is applied. This system reduces the risk of accidental discharges and enhances overall firearm handling. Despite its impressive firepower, the GLOCK 23 is surprisingly lightweight at just under 24 ounces, making it comfortable for carry and minimizing fatigue during extended shooting sessions.

In conclusion, the GLOCK 23 Gen5 40 S&W 10rd FS excels in reliability, accuracy, and performance. Its user-friendly features, including front slide serrations and fixed Glock sights, make it a practical choice. With a generous ammunition capacity and the Safe Action Trigger System, this pistol offers both reliability and safety. For those seeking a versatile and trustworthy firearm, the GLOCK 23 is a top-tier option. Elevate your shooting skills and enhance your personal protection with this exceptional pistol.


  • Unsurpassed reliability
  • Safe Action Trigger System
  • Light Weight
Weight 3.7500 lbs
Dimensions 10.5000 × 9.2500 × 2.5000 in
Barrel Length





40 S&W










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GLOCK 23 Gen5 40 S&W 10rd FS
GLOCK 23 Gen5 40 S&W 10rd FS

Out of stock