UDP-9 Pistol

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The UDP-9 is the original and still the best GLOCK® magazine fed AR-9 pistol caliber carbine


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The UDP-9 Pistol is a compact AR-15 style firearm chambered in 9mm and fed with GLOCK® magazines. It features last round bolt hold open. Available in multiple colors.

UDP-9 Pistol Specifications

  • Last round bolt hold open on an empty magazine
  • Flared magwell for faster reloads
  • Integrated, oversized trigger guard
  • 7075-T6 billet aluminum lower with your choice of a matte black hard-coat anodized finish, Magpul Flat Dark Earth Cerakote or Tactical Grey Cerakote
  • 7075-T6 billet aluminum slick side upper receiver with appropriately sized ejection port and no forward assist or dust cover
  • Threaded bolt catch screw
  • 9mm bolt assembly for use with a standard AR-15 hammer
  • Fire control group: Milspec AR-15/M4 Fire control group. The UDP-9® is compatible with most aftermarket 9mm PCC triggers. Please see this page for trigger compatibility
  • 6” 9mm barrel in chrome moly with a 1/10 twist, black melonite finish and A2 style flash suppressor
  • Barrel is threaded 1/2×28 and can accept a suppressor
  • B5 Systems pistol grip
  • Angstadt Arms 5.5” free float ultra light M-LOK hand guard
  • Continuous top mil-spec 1913 picatinny rail
  • Weight: Sub 5lbs
  • Length: 22″
  • Patent pending
  • Accepts all Glock® aftermarket magazines. We recommend using factory Glock® magazines. Please see this page for magazine compatibility
  • Includes one 15 or 17 round magazine
Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 8 × 2.5 in

Angstadt Arms


Angstadt Arms


Black, Flat Dark Earth, Tactical Grey

36 reviews for UDP-9 Pistol

  1. Bob O. (verified owner)

    This is a fun little blaster! I’ve only ran a few hundred rounds through it, but it’s eaten a number of different ammo types and brands, and she runs like a typewriter! I bought this UDP-9 pistol on the recommendation of a friend that has one, and I haven’t been disappointed. This is the 5th PCC that I’ve owned and it’s already becoming my favorite. Form 1 goes out in the mail tomorrow!

  2. Jason J. (verified owner)

    Very happy with my pistol. Haven’t have a chance to shoot yet. But can not wait. I have got a lot of compliments on the design of the gun. I had seen it at my local gun show in Greenville SC. And I knew them it was the gun I wanted. Well I have it and now working on a color pattern that I want. When finished I’ll post a pic on web page.

  3. Frank J. (verified owner)

    Exceptional firearm!

  4. Chris

    bought this last november put over 2 thousand rounds through it and all of them were smooth no problems at all. i love this firearm. if you wanna have alot of fun for a cheaper ammo price than 5.56 then get this trust me you wont regret it

  5. Mike T. (verified owner)

    So far, so good. I bought the SBA3 version because of the ability to extend the forearm brace and legally shoulder fire the weapon. I have run about 500 rounds through the weapon and have only had a few (what I would call) minor hiccups. The first magazine through the weapon was the stock Glock magazine that it came with and I had some of double feed/failure to feed issues. I used three Glock 33 round magazines and had the same issues. Eventually, the magazines or the weapon got broken in and started to perform with no issues. All of the magazines had some wear marks on them where they mount/attach in the magazine well. Again, once the weapon got some rounds through it and magazines were broken in, there were no issues. It seems that the more ammo I shot, the better it did so that makes me happy. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend the UDP-9 with SBA3 Brace to anyone looking for an AR 9MM pistol that can legally be shoulder fired if needed. There are restrictions on what is allowed so make sure you read carefully what you can and cannot do. I mounted a Vortex Razor red dot with riser. I added an Inforce WML to it with a Arisaka Finger Stop and couldn’t be happier with the setup. I hope that this helps.

  6. Drauzin K.

    So far the UDP-9 that I purchased has performed without any issues. I have ran about 500 rounds through this firearm. The UDP-9 is very well built and everyone that see it is impressed by the quality and details that has gone into the firearm.

  7. Pete (verified owner)

    This is my first AR9 pistol and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect size and lots of fun to shoot. I can’t wait to add a can to it later this year. The only negative I’ve come across in two range sessions is the magazine release. It is very flush to the receiver and I find it is easy to press inadvertently when your finger is off the trigger.

  8. A. Butler (verified owner)

    Ever since I first laid eyes on the UDP-9 I knew I wanted one. When it came out in FDE, well I was sold! It took some time to save up but, when I opened that box for the 1st time, I knew I had made the right decision.

    Angstadt Arms has gained a life long customer!

    One very happy owner : )

  9. Jason S. (verified owner)

    Wow! What a great little 9mm AR! I bought one for my wife to keep her engaged with shooting and she has been overwhelmed with the gun. We have a few hundred acres of farmland to shoot on so we were able to put ~200 rounds through it this past weekend. We used factory Glock magazines with standard “white box” Winchester 115 gr FMJ and experienced zero stoppages. All Glock mags were also brand new so I expected at least a few hiccups but it wasn’t the case. I installed some Troy flip-up B/Us for the test fire but now ordered her an RMR 3.25 this week with a Scalarworks LEAP since she was so proficient. David was a HUGE resource and help at A.A. and walked me through every detail. Don’t hesitate… I’m going to order myself one soon to SBR maybe in .45. These guns run like a sewing machine. JS

  10. Shawn B (verified owner)

    Finally picked one up after watching countless videos and reading review after review. The only thing I regret with this purchase is waiting so long not buying one sooner. Absolutely love this little pistol from its compact size to its familiar AR platform ergonomics. After taking the pistol right out of the box and putting two small drops of oil on the bolt, the thing ran flawlessly.

  11. C. LeQuire

    After months of debate I finally “pulled the trigger” on the UDP-9 in Flat Dark Earth configuration. I must say I have not been disappointed, amazing accuracy from the 25 yard line. Can’t wait to add an optic to complete the look. Everyone at the range is envious. Very satisfied customer, put those Glock magazines to use and invest in the UDP-9, you will not be disappointed.

  12. Frank

    I was in the market to replace my Kriss vector with a lighter .45 PCC. I was at a gun show and saw the Angstadt UDP-45 on the table. Knowing nothing about it I googled it and saw great reviews. Being it was a hometown manufacturer I went for it and made the deal. The fit and finish are great. All the controls are the same as a normal AR style rifle. I went to the range today and only have one complaint . It eats everything you feed it!!! No problems at all. I zeroed to 25yards. I was hitting steel to 50 yards. A lot of people were interested in this little gun. I went from a 8lb vector down to 4lb PCC. I was considering a CMMG, but I am glad I found you product. Keep up the good work. If you need a tester for your products let me know!!! Thanks again for make a great weapon. Cheers!

  13. Glenn (verified owner)

    Perfect! The best looking and shooting gun I’ve ever bought. My original UDP-9 with a 16″ barrel is now, sad, number 2.

  14. Chris C.

    Runs smooth but has alot more recoil then my grand power stribog for half the price but it will eat anything i put it it i love it just wish i could get the recoil down a little more

  15. Josiah (verified owner)

    Excellent firearm! Have mine set up for home defense with KCI glock mags. No issues with feeding, last round hold open, or hollow points. Everything I put in this firearm it spits it out no problem.

  16. William (verified owner)

    An amazing weapon system.
    Can easily be carried in a backpack and also makes a great car/truck gun.
    I am definitely getting a few updates for this pistol.

  17. Cojo

    I was completely uninterested in the pcc/subgun market… until I held the UDP-9. I couldn’t keep it off of my mind. Returned to the shop a few days later, and took it home. I absolutely love this thing!

  18. thardy1850

    Outstanding pistol, with high quality finish and tooling of the highest order. After 500 rounds I am even more impressed. Easy to maintain and the envy of everyone who sees it. I recommend it without reservation. Get it, you will not be disappointed.

  19. Ruehle (verified owner)

    Excellent pistol I would recommend it to anyone who asks.

  20. Erik (verified owner)

    So far I love the gun. I haven’t been able to pick it up from the FFL yet, but, I love it.
    If it wasn’t for Illinois’ unconstitutional gun laws and delays I’m sure it would be a fun shooter!

  21. R Downs

    A cut above in quality and flawless function.

  22. Andre A.

    Look No Further! This UDP9 is killer… I have my sights set at 20yrds out and it’s on point!
    BE WARNED!! It can get little too fun and before you know it, your ammo is depleted.
    I recommend this firearm to anyone looking period, for close and far fetched targets. Awesome build!

  23. Cory

    This is my first AR pistol, so I don’t have much of a point of reference as far as other firearms go, but damn! I love this thing! Feels like it’s built really well and able to be added to for the individual shooters liking. I got it as a home defense gun as my handgun is also chambered in 9mm so I only need to buy a single munition and it’s one of the more common. I have also taken my girlfriend to the range and she had a blast with it. Easy for her to operate and shoot. The front really does not need any fore grip attachment in all honesty, I popped the Nagpur angled grip on mine and honestly like it better without (on 6” barrel). I’ve also added the Kriss iron sights to it and they work well. No complaints with the purchase aside from price, but that was more of the local shop price hiking. I would’ve been ecstatic to pay MSRP for it, but oh well.

    Awesome gun, would recommend!

  24. Bill

    The UDP-9 is an outstanding firearm. The quality of the machining is unparalleled. Fit and finish is outstanding. Well balanced and just plain fun to look at. Glad I got this over other manufacturer’s offerings. I put a Leupold red dot and Blue Force sling on it and it’s ready!

  25. Paul T

    This is an awesome firearm! Purchased it on 11/26/2021, fired it for the first time Friday 12/17/2021. From the first squeeze of the trigger, to the last squeeze of the trigger just loved every second. Clean and easy trigger (not even going to change it out). Fired with the 15 round magazine and 33 round magazine, no jams and I put about 300 rounds down range. I would highly recommend and outstanding customer support.

  26. Jeff (verified owner)

    Super build quality. Nice fit and finish. Spot on accuracy. Accorded bolt right on. Absolutely love the weapon. It was a gift for my wife and it exceeded her expectations. I will be adding. 556 in the future

  27. Collin Y.

    Bought the UDP-9 a few days ago. Took it out and put 300 rounds throught it. Single shot, rapid shot, many mag configurations (5), not one single isse. Extremely well built, accurate, and easy to shoot. Getting a supressor ordered next week for it. GREAT gun. Worth every penny.

  28. Rileigh

    Outstanding. Obsidian suppressor looks and work great too.

  29. Roger B. (verified owner)

    The UDP-9 is prefect and the shipping was fast . My only issue is it came with a cheap kci magazine. The deference from the real glock mag is noticeable how it fits in the udp-9

  30. Tom C.

    Outstanding little gun. Very nice and clean. One of the nicest A.R. Pistols out that I’ve seen.

  31. Dave m

    My wife bought this pistol. I have shot about 1000 rds so far. The pistol hasn’t missed a beat. The pistol shoots straight and true. It is the funnest gun to shoot. Just one problem , you never take enough ammo with you

  32. Michael Rapp (verified owner)

    A very sweet little shooter! The action is smooth and no hiccups with even the cheapest of ammo. I have only shot it out to 25 yards and at that range if I do my part there is only one ragged hole! I did several upgrades, the trigger to the CMC 9mm PCC Single Stage 3.5lb, the 0940 Extended Magazine Release, the Radian Weapons Raptor LT Charging Handle, and the Radian Weapons Talon Safety Selector. The upgraded trigger was great for precision shooting with a nice clean crisp break. The extended mag release was required for my small hands. The new charging handle is ambidextrous and has polymer grip and is easier on my fingers. The new larger and ambidextrous safety makes it easier to switch to and from the safe position. All in all a very sweet gun!

  33. Kevin (verified owner)

    Very well-built PCC, with an all-around quality feel. No firing or ammo issues whatsoever. The recoil was slightly worse than I expected, but the accuracy was better than I expected.

  34. Patrick McGuffey

    I have had mine for over a year with about 3-4 thousand rounds through it. I have had no issues and love the gun. It’s worth noting that the feed ramp is picky about hollow points. Hornady critical duty and defense work great. Overall great gun

  35. William Davis (verified owner)

    Great piece of work. Recent purchase, first trip to range was super fun. No problems. Still breaking it in.

  36. Steve Jarek

    Looks great and has been extremely reliable. Zero malfunctions, and angstadt response to any questions has been fast. A+

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UDP-9 9mm AR Pistol
UDP-9 Pistol
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