CHapter 03: Wilder Tactical

Chapter 03 profiles Josh VanHeusen of Wilder Tactical, an Army Ranger Medic veteran and defense contractor turned gear designer. Josh used his years of real world experience to design gear that is rugged, reliable and functions in demanding environments.

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CHapter 02: Jericho Tactical

Chapter 02 profiles profiles Adir Rafael of Jericho Tactical, a former Israeli secret service special agent and an IDF veteran who dedicates his career to assisting civilians and law enforcement officers in obtaining armed and unarmed defensive skills. He trusts that at any level training is a never ending journey and the road to greatness in any facet of life comes through persistence, dedication & discipline.

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CHapter 01: runenation

Chapter 01 profiles Ian Strimbeck of Runenation, a Marine Corp Veteran who embodies endurance and instructs self-defense through perseverance and action. His motto “No One is Coming to Save You” serves as a constant reminder that in troubling times each individual has a personal responsibility to care for him/herself and loved ones. His philosophies and approach to everyday life have served him, and his students, to see the greatness and possibilities within themselves.

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