From maintenance headaches to the dreaded baffle strikes that can compromise your aim, traditional suppressors bring complications you don’t need.

Especially when a misfire isn’t just a minor inconvenience – it’s a risk. Without the right equipment, you’re settling for less. So why risk more?

available configurations

vanquish ar9 sbr in titanium cerakote

vanquish sbr

Multipe color options

Vanquish AR9 Full Size Rifle FDE Cerakote

vanquish rifle

Multipe color options

vanquish complete ar9 uppers

Available in black Cerakote

vanquish ar9 barrels

Available in Black & FDE Cerakote

Angstadt Arms doesn’t just understand the issues; we’ve lived them. Our legacy is paved with relentless innovation, ensuring the Vanquish amplifies your ability, not hinders it.

The Vanquish delivers a quieter shooting experience, with no first round pop and never a chance for a baffle strike.


Sound testing was conducted with a Larson Davis SoundTrack LxT Firearm Noise Sound Level Meter, Model #LxT1-QPR in compliance with proper Mil-Std-1474D suppressor testing methodologies. Measurements were recorded at the shooters ear.

Testing Conditions (all suppressors tested on the same day under these conditions):

  • Location: Albemarle, NC (28001)
  • Temperature: 75 degrees
  • Humidity: 91%
  • Sea level pressure: 29.36
  • Ammunition: Results include the average of 115-grain Blazer & 147-grain Fiocchi

With ports open, the sonic crack is eliminated by dropping most 115-grain 9mm ammunition to below subsonic levels


Velocity testing is based on the average of 20 shot groups as measured with a calibrated chronograph on a day when the speed of sound was 1,149 fps.

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The pursuit of precision demands tools that match a shooter’s skill. Old suppressors have been the chain pulling shooters back. But not anymore.

With Vanquish, Angstadt Arms promises a rifle that complements, not compromises. Because perfection shouldn’t be optional.