Radian Weapons Raptor-SD-SL Suppressor Slim Line Charging Handle

The Radian Raptor-SD-SL features slim-line handles and a suppressor-optimized ported shaft for customers who require both an ultra low profile and gas redirecting capability while shooting suppressed


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The Radian Raptor-SD-SL combines the benefits of the Raptor-SL Slim-Line charging handle with a suppressor optimized ported shaft for customers who require both an ultra low handle profile and gas redirecting capability while shooting suppressed. The SD shaft design directs gasses down and away from the shooters face when shooting suppressed.

In addition to being great at shooting suppressed, the Raptor-SD-SL also makes manipulation of the firearm fast and smooth due to the textured unlocking latches on either side. This allows rapid palm “blading” or finger thumb charges of the weapon from either the strong or support side.

Radian Weapons Raptor-SD Charging Handle Features & Specs:

  • Ambidextrous, slim-line ultra-low profile charging handles for anti-snag capabilities
  • Ported shaft is optimized for shooting suppressed
  • Made from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum with a Type III hard anodized black finish
  • Compatible with UDP-9, UDP-45, AR-15 and M16 platforms
  • Lifetime warranty and 100% manufactured in the USA
  • Weight: 1.1oz
  • Compatibility AR-15/M16 and AR-9 platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re doing a lot of suppressed shooting, the choice is easy. Go with the Raptor-SD or Raptor SD-SL because they both feature a ported shaft which directs gasses away from the shooters face. This cuts down on the carbon and gas getting spit back at you and makes for a much more pleasant shooting experience. If you aren’t doing a lot of suppressed shooting, then go with the original Raptor ambidextrous charging handle OR the cheaper and lighter Raptor-LT charging handle

Both the SD and SD-SL are optimized for suppressed shooting. The only difference is the SD-SL features the Slim-Line handles. The handle width of the SD-SL is about 1/4″ shorter on each side when compared to the Raptor-SD and represents a 17% decrease in size. This is just slightly bigger than a standard mil-spec charging handle. The smaller profile on the SL is more comfortable when the rifle is slung against the body as extended charging handles can poke you more. The SL will be slightly more comfortable IF you are slinging the rifle for extended periods of time. If not, the standard Raptor-SD maybe a better choice.

Weight.09 lbs
Dimensions8.7 × 3.9 × .5 in

Radian Weapons


Radian Weapons


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Radian Weapons Raptor SD SL AR15 Charging Handle
Radian Weapons Raptor-SD-SL Suppressor Slim Line Charging Handle

In stock