Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release V1

Upgrade your firearm with the Phase 5 EBRV1 Extended Bolt Release for faster, more efficient reloads. Heat-treated steel construction ensures durability and improved shooting experience. Learn more below.


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The Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release (EBRV1) is a transformative accessory that facilitates faster and more efficient magazine reloads for your firearm. Designed to mount to your existing bolt catch, this innovative component simplifies the process of clearing jams and double feeds, allowing you to chamber the next round swiftly and significantly reducing reload time. The result is an enhanced shooting experience marked by improved speed and precision.

Constructed with rugged durability in mind, the Phase 5 EBRV1 is crafted from heat-treated steel, ensuring its resilience in demanding conditions. It seamlessly integrates with your firearm, providing a reliable and seamless operation. Upgrading your weapon with the Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release (EBRV1) guarantees faster, smoother, and more efficient reloading. Take control of your shooting experience and experience the benefits today.

The Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release (EBRV1) is a game-changing accessory suitable for professional shooters and recreational gun owners alike. It eliminates the struggles associated with jams and double feeds during magazine reloads, offering a substantial boost in efficiency and speed. The installation process for the Phase 5 EBRV1 is straightforward, involving mounting it to your existing bolt catch. The release feature allows you to use your trigger finger to swipe the toggle downward, releasing the bolt and chambering the next round. This simple yet effective mechanism drastically reduces reload time and ensures a smooth transition between shots.

The Phase 5 EBRV1’s rugged construction and heat-treated steel composition guarantee its strength and longevity, even in the most challenging field conditions. Beyond its functionality, the ergonomic design of the EBRV1 promotes a natural and comfortable grip, enhancing your overall shooting experience. The accessory’s precise and smooth operation instills the confidence needed to tackle any shooting scenario. Whether you’re a competitive shooter seeking a performance edge or a responsible gun owner aiming to improve your skills, the Phase 5 EBRV1 is an indispensable firearm accessory.

With the Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release (EBRV1), you’ll benefit from faster reloading capabilities that provide a substantial advantage by saving crucial time during critical moments. The EBRV1 consistently delivers reliable and high-performance functionality shot after shot. When it comes to your shooting experience, don’t settle for less. Elevate your weapon with the Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release (EBRV1) to unlock its full potential. Invest in quality and innovation and enjoy the long-lasting benefits. Take control of your shooting experience today and discover the positive impact the Phase 5 EBRV1 can make.


  • Rugged Construction

  • Heat-Treated Steel
  • Faster Reloading
Weight0.0600 lbs
Dimensions5.9000 × 2.8000 × 0.7500 in

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Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release V1
Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release V1

In stock