LUTH-AR Double Tungsten H2 Carbine Buffer

Boost your AR-15’s performance with the LUTH-AR .233/5.56 Double Tungsten H2 Carbine Buffer. Weighing 4.8 oz, it enhances function, reduces recoil, and ensures durability. Elevate your shooting experience—upgrade today!


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Improve the performance and reliability of your AR-15 with the LUTH-AR .233/5.56 Double Tungsten H2 Carbine Buffer. Precision-designed for durability, this buffer is essential for firearm enthusiasts. Weighing 4.8 oz, it incorporates two tungsten slugs and a single steel slug, providing increased mass and stability to optimize your AR-15’s function. Whether using a shorter gas system or aiming to enhance overall performance, this buffer is an ideal solution.

Beyond function enhancement, the LUTH-AR Double Tungsten H2 Carbine Buffer also reduces felt recoil. The combination of tungsten and steel effectively absorbs and dissipates firing energy, resulting in a more comfortable shooting experience. Experience improved accuracy and quicker follow-up shots with this high-quality buffer.

Durability is a key consideration in selecting firearm components, and the LUTH-AR Double Tungsten H2 Carbine Buffer meets expectations. Constructed with premium materials, it withstands regular use, ensuring long-lasting performance. Invest in a buffer that delivers consistent reliability and goes the distance.

The LUTH-AR Double Tungsten H2 Carbine Buffer has undergone rigorous testing, proving its exceptional results. Suitable for shooters of all skill levels, whether seasoned or novice, this buffer allows you to maximize your firearm’s potential. Upgrade your AR-15 confidently, knowing you’ve chosen a buffer that enhances functionality, reduces recoil, and improves shooting comfort. Invest in your shooting experience by equipping your AR-15 with the LUTH-AR .233/5.56 Double Tungsten H2 Carbine Buffer. Take your shooting to the next level and enjoy increased performance and reliability. Upgrade today and unleash the full potential of your AR-15.


  • .233/5.56 Double Tungsten H2 Carbine Buffer
  • 2 tungsten slugs and 1 steel slug
Weight0.3100 lbs
Dimensions5.5000 × 3.2500 × 1.0000 in







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LUTH-AR Double Tungsten H2 Carbine Buffer
LUTH-AR Double Tungsten H2 Carbine Buffer

In stock