TriggerTech AR-9 Duty Trigger Flat Bow

The AR-9 Duty Trigger with a Flat Bow offers outstanding performance with features like a heavier reset force, zero creep, and a smooth pull. Read more below to learn why it’s a great choice for your AR-9 rifle.


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Introducing the highly anticipated AR Duty Triggers from TriggerTech. With a longer take-up on two-stages and a more forceful reset, these triggers excel in close-quarter engagements and harsh environments. Military and law enforcement agencies can rely on the AR Duty Triggers to deliver outstanding performance when it matters most.

The benefits of our AR Duty Triggers extend beyond the tactical realm. Competitive shooters participating in 3 Gun competitions will appreciate the precision and control offered by the longer and heavier first-stage. Similarly, varmint hunters will find these triggers to be invaluable tools for targeting their elusive prey with unwavering accuracy. The Straight Flat Trigger Lever Type allows for a natural and comfortable finger placement, ensuring maximum control and minimizing the risk of trigger finger fatigue.

Trigger action is a crucial element in achieving peak performance, and our Single-Stage Trigger Action provides a consistent and predictable break. The 3.5LB Break of the AR Duty Triggers allows for quick and precise shooting without sacrificing control or accuracy. Zero Creep is a feature that truly sets our triggers apart. Say goodbye to any hint of movement or play before the trigger break. Every pull will yield a crisp and reliable shot, shot after shot.

We have incorporated several innovative technologies to elevate the performance of our AR Duty Triggers. The TKR Technology minimizes friction and improves reliability, ensuring smooth operation in any situation. The CLKR Technology provides a consistent and tactile reset, allowing for faster follow-up shots. The FLTWR Technology is another standout feature of the AR Duty Triggers. It enhances the stability and overall performance of the trigger system, resulting in improved accuracy and control. The Overtravel of 0.060″ and Reset of 0.070″ add an extra layer of precision to your shooting experience.

Upgrade your AR with the TriggerTech AR Duty Trigger Flat Bow, and experience a whole new level of reliability, performance, and precision. Discover why shooters around the world trust TriggerTech for their competitive pursuits, tactical operations, law enforcement duties, and varmint hunting expeditions. Join the TriggerTech family today and experience the difference.


  • Trigger Lever Type: Straight Flat
  • Trigger Action: Single-Stage
  • 3.5LB Break
  • Zero Creep
  • TKR Technology
  • CLKR Technology
  • FLTWR Technology
  • Overtravel: 0.060″
  • Reset: 0.070″
  • Heavier reset force
  • Pin Size: Standard Mil-Spec Pin 0.154″ (trigger pins not included)
  • Warranty: Product lifetime
  • Fits AR-9
Weight 0.4400 lbs
Dimensions 5.2500 × 4.0000 × 1.7500 in







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TriggerTech AR-9 Duty Trigger Flat Bow
TriggerTech AR-9 Duty Trigger Flat Bow

Out of stock