TriggerTech AR-15 Adaptable Trigger

The AR-15 Adaptable Trigger is a high-quality trigger system designed for AR-15 rifles. With adjustable pull weight, a short two-stage action, and reliable performance, this trigger enhances accuracy and shooting experience. Learn more about its features and benefits below.


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Introducing the remarkable TriggerTech AR-15 Adaptable Trigger, a game-changing trigger engineered to elevate the accuracy and precision of your AR in any shooting scenario. This cutting-edge drop-in trigger is equipped with Frictionless Release Technology, which ensures a smooth and consistent shooting experience. The short, two-stage action of this trigger provides the familiar feel of a 1911 trigger, allowing for precise control and improved accuracy. Additionally, the true zero-creep break eliminates any unwanted movement before the trigger is released, further enhancing the overall shooting experience.

One of the key highlights of the TriggerTech AR-15 Adaptable Trigger is its lightning-fast follow-up shots. With an incredibly short overtravel and sub 0.030″ tactical reset, this trigger empowers shooters to shoot with unparalleled speed and precision. This feature is especially beneficial in high-pressure situations where quick and accurate follow-up shots are crucial. Furthermore, the trigger’s reliability is second to none. Featuring 440C Stainless Steel internal components, this high-grade material ensures that the trigger can handle high levels of stress and rough handling, making it a perfect choice for tactical and military applications. It is engineered to perform flawlessly even in the harshest environments, ensuring that it can handle whatever challenges you may encounter. This level of reliability instills confidence in shooters, allowing them to focus on their target without worrying about the performance of their trigger.

In addition to its performance and reliability, the TriggerTech AR-15 Adaptable Trigger offers unparalleled adjustability. Thanks to the innovative CLKR Technology, shooters can easily fine-tune the pull weight of the trigger to meet their specific needs and preferences. With a pull weight range of 2.5 to 5.0 lbs., adjustable in 2oz increments, every shooter can find their perfect trigger pull. This level of adjustability not only improves shooting comfort but also enhances accuracy. By customizing the trigger’s responsiveness, shooters can achieve a more consistent and controlled shooting experience, resulting in improved accuracy and overall shooting performance.

Crafted from lightweight and durable 7075-Aluminum, the housing of the TriggerTech AR-15 Adaptable Trigger is designed to withstand the rigors of the battlefield. This high-quality material ensures optimal strength and reliability, while still keeping the overall weight of the trigger to a minimum. The combination of durability and lightweight design makes this trigger a reliable and practical choice for any shooter. Additionally, the short two-stage action of the trigger offers a smooth and consistent trigger pull, making it a joy to shoot with. Whether you are a professional shooter or a recreational enthusiast, the TriggerTech AR-15 Adaptable Trigger is a must-have accessory that will enhance your shooting experience.

The TriggerTech AR-15 Adaptable Trigger is a masterpiece of engineering and design. It offers unmatched performance, reliability, and adjustability, making it the ultimate trigger upgrade for your AR. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a law enforcement professional, or a seasoned enthusiast, this trigger will take your shooting experience to the next level. Experience the precision, control, and confidence that can only be achieved with the TriggerTech AR-15 Adaptable Trigger. Experience the precision, control, and confidence that can only be achieved with the TriggerTech AR-15 Adaptable Trigger.


  • 7075-Aluminum Housing
  • Short Two Stage Action
  • Adjustable Pull Weight
  • 440C Stainless Steel Internal Components
Weight0.3800 lbs
Dimensions5.2000 × 4.2000 × 1.6000 in







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TriggerTech AR-15 Adaptable Trigger
TriggerTech AR-15 Adaptable Trigger

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