Shield Sights SIS 2 Switchable Interface Center Dot Sight

Elevate your shooting experience with the Shield SIS 2 Center Dot Sight. Versatile switchable reticles, automatic brightness adjustment, and military-grade durability ensure exceptional performance in any shooting scenario.

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Introducing the Shield Sights SIS 2 Switchable Interface Center Dot Sight, a revolutionary optic designed to elevate your shooting experience. Building upon the exceptional performance and strength of the CQB/CQS red dot sight, Shield has taken it even further with the SIS 2, combining incredible functionality, unmatched durability, and added convenience to provide an unparalleled shooting companion.

Designed for versatility, the Shield SIS 2 features four switchable reticles, allowing you to adapt to various shooting scenarios with ease. Whether you prefer an 8MOA dot, an 8MOA dot with a 65-ring, a 2MOA dot, or a 2MOA dot with a 65-ring, this sight has got you covered. Switching between reticle options is easy, ensuring you can tailor your sight to match your preferences and shooting needs.

Achieving optimal brightness levels is effortless with the Shield SIS 2. Utilizing advanced technology, this sight automatically adjusts brightness based on the surrounding environment. No more struggling with manual adjustments—the SIS 2 ensures optimal visibility at all times. Additionally, it offers a manual mode with 12-stage adjustment settings, allowing you to fine-tune brightness from high to night vision levels.

The Shield SIS 2 comes with an intuitive interface that provides seamless control over its functionalities. With the touch of a button, you can easily switch between automatic mode and manual levels. The automatic mode offers three brightness levels—high, medium, and low—ensuring versatility for different lighting conditions. The manual mode empowers you to personalize the sight’s performance according to your exact requirements.

Constructed with military-grade precision, the Shield SIS 2 is built to withstand the harshest shooting environments. Its robust build ensures exceptional durability and reliability, making it suitable for demanding shooting applications. Regardless of the challenges you face in the field, this sight will continue to deliver consistent and accurate performance.

Take your shooting to the next level with the Shield Sights SIS 2 Switchable Interface Center Dot Sight. Don’t settle for average when you can have exceptional. Experience enhanced performance, durability, and convenience. Elevate your shooting capabilities, seize your targets with confidence, and invest in the Shield SIS 2 today to revolutionize your shooting experience.


  • 4 Switchable Options on the SIS Center Dot (Cd)
  • 8Moa, 8Moa & 65Ring, 2Moa, 2Moa & 65Ring
  • Brightness Control
  • Switch To Automatic Mode or Manual Levels
  • Manual With 12 Stage Adjustment from High to Night Vision
  • Automatic With 3 Levels
  • High, Medium or Low
Weight 0.3800 lbs
Dimensions 3.9000 × 2.8000 × 1.5000 in

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Shield Sights SIS 2 Switchable Interface Center Dot Sight
Shield Sights SIS 2 Switchable Interface Center Dot Sight

In stock

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