RISE Armament Patriot High-Performance Trigger
RISE Armament Patriot High-Performance Trigger

RISE Armament Patriot High-Performance Trigger

The Patriot High-Performance Trigger is a premium trigger that not only delivers an ultra-smooth and crisp release but also supports the cause of Folds of Honor. Learn more below about this exceptional trigger and its features.


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Elevate your shooting experience with the RISE Armament Patriot High-Performance Trigger. This exceptional rifle upgrade not only enhances accuracy but also supports a noble cause – benefiting Folds of Honor and contributing to the well-being of veterans and their families. The Patriot Trigger is meticulously engineered for superior performance. Its single-stage trigger system boasts a lightened pull weight of 3. 5 pounds, allowing you to shoot more accurately with minimal effort.

With the inclusion of Anti-Walk Trigger Pins, this trigger ensures stability and reliability, enabling you to focus on precision and control. One of the standout features of the Patriot Trigger is its incredible smoothness and crisp release. As you pull the trigger, you’ll feel the responsiveness and enjoy a clean break, resulting in consistent and precise shots. The ultra-short reset and low overtravel further enhance your shooting experience, enabling faster follow-up shots and improved target acquisition. Not only does the Patriot Trigger excel in performance, but it also prioritizes durability.

The interior parts of this trigger are coated with a premium EXO nickel boron coating. This innovative coating reduces friction and creates smoother contact surfaces, enhancing the trigger’s longevity and overall reliability. Designed with the shooter in mind, the Patriot Trigger features a straight trigger blade for enhanced control and a lighter pull weight. This ergonomic design ensures a comfortable shooting experience, allowing you to focus on your marksmanship without unnecessary strain or discomfort. Additionally, the lightened hammer optimizes the trigger’s responsiveness, further enhancing its overall performance.

Safety is paramount when it comes to firearms, and the Patriot Trigger incorporates a drop safety feature for your peace of mind. This additional safety measure ensures that the trigger operates reliably and prevents accidental discharges. Upgrade your rifle with the RISE Armament Patriot High-Performance Trigger and experience a new level of accuracy, precision, and shooting enjoyment. By choosing this exceptional trigger, you not only enhance your own shooting capabilities but also contribute to the important work of Folds of Honor in supporting and honoring our veterans and their families.


  • Single-stage trigger system with a lightened trigger pull (3.5-lb. pull weight)
  • Helps you shoot more accurately with less effort
  • Ultra smooth to the break with a crisp, clean release
  • Incredibly short reset and low overtravel for faster follow-up shots
  • Premium EXO nickel boron coating on interior parts for reduced friction and smoother contact surfaces
  • Straight trigger blade for enhanced control and lighter-feeling pull weight
  • Lightened hammer
  • Drop safety feature
Weight0.3100 lbs
Dimensions8.7500 × 4.2500 × 1.0000 in

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RISE Armament Patriot High-Performance Trigger
RISE Armament Patriot High-Performance Trigger

In stock

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