Upgrade your AR-15 with Hyperfire Triggers for superior performance. Enjoy a crisp, clean break, faster lock-up, and improved accuracy. Elevate your shooting game with these meticulously crafted triggers.


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Enhance your AR-15 with the superior performance of Hyperfire Triggers, a significant upgrade from factory triggers. These triggers deliver a host of benefits that redefine your shooting experience. Enjoy a superior trigger break—crisp, clean, and consistent—eliminating the mushy and gritty feel of past triggers. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a tactical professional, Hyperfire Triggers provide the edge needed to outperform the competition.

Key among Hyperfire Triggers’ features is the faster lock-up, resulting in quicker reaction times and improved shot-to-shot consistency. Experience the ability to engage targets rapidly and accurately, gaining the confidence to tackle any shooting challenge. Hyperfire Triggers enhance accuracy, enabling tighter shot groups and overall precision. The short over-travel and positive reset ensure quick follow-up shots and rapid target reacquisition, supported by tactile feedback you can both feel and hear.

Beyond improving shooting performance, Hyperfire Triggers enhance the reliability of your AR-15. Designed for hard hammer strikes, these triggers ensure reliable ignition and consistent performance. Trust in the clean and consistent break of each trigger pull, allowing you to focus on your shooting without distractions.

Meticulously crafted, Hyperfire Triggers withstand intense shooting conditions, delivering exceptional performance in every situation. Whether you’re a professional shooter or a recreational enthusiast, Hyperfire Triggers revolutionize your shooting, providing the performance and reliability you demand. Don’t settle for subpar triggers; upgrade your AR-15 with Hyperfire Triggers today to elevate your shooting game and unlock your true shooting potential. Experience the industry-leading performance of Hyperfire Triggers for yourself.


  • Faster Lock-up
  • More accuracy
  • Hard Hammer Strikes
  • Clean Trigger Break
Weight0.3100 lbs
Dimensions7.0000 × 4.0000 × 0.5000 in







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