GLOCK 20SF Gen3 10mm 10rd

The GLOCK 20 SF combines the power of the 10mm Auto cartridge with the SF (Short Frame) design for improved comfort and control. With a long sight radius and GLOCK’s reliability, it’s a top choice for professionals and responsible citizens.

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The GLOCK 20 SF stands as a high-performance handgun, combining the SF (Short Frame) design with the potent 10mm Auto cartridge. This unique fusion not only enhances the frame’s comfort but also significantly improves controllability and accuracy. Whether you’re a professional shooter or a responsible citizen seeking reliable self-defense, the GLOCK 20 SF proves to be the ideal choice.

A standout feature of the GLOCK 20 SF is its SF design, reducing the circumference of the receiver at the rear. This enhancement offers increased ease-of-use and control, particularly benefiting shooters with smaller hands. The result is a more comfortable grip and improved handling, instilling confidence in aiming and maintaining control over shots.

Complementing its ergonomic design, the GLOCK 20 SF boasts a long sight radius, ensuring superior precision and accuracy. The extended distance between the front and rear sights provides an improved sight picture, facilitating easier alignment of sights for effective target engagement, be it at the range or in a self-defense scenario.

Safety is paramount, and the GLOCK 20 SF excels in this aspect with its Safe Action Trigger System. Delivering a consistent and reliable trigger pull with every shot, this system, combined with GLOCK’s renowned reliability and safety features, instills peace of mind when handling the weapon.

The GLOCK 20 SF includes two 10-round magazines, ensuring ample firepower for both range practice and self-defense scenarios. The matte black finish contributes to a sleek and professional appearance, making it a preferred choice for law enforcement, military personnel, and avid shooters.

Elevate your shooting experience with the GLOCK 20SF Gen3 10mm 10rd. With its powerful 10mm Auto cartridge, comfortable SF design, long sight radius, and reliable Safe Action Trigger System, this handgun delivers superior performance and precision. Acquire your GLOCK 20 SF today and experience the power and accuracy it offers. Trust in GLOCK’s tradition of excellence and become a part of the satisfied GLOCK owner community.


  • Matte Black finish
  • SF (Short Frame Design)
  • Long sight radius for better precision
  • Safe Action Trigger System
Weight 3.7500 lbs
Dimensions 10.5000 × 9.2000 × 2.4000 in
Barrel Length





10 MM










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GLOCK 20SF Gen3 10mm 10rd
GLOCK 20SF Gen3 10mm 10rd

In stock

Purchase & earn 546 points!