Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch

With its increased surface area, the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch promotes ease of function when locking back the bolt or releasing it after a magazine change.


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The Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch is purpose-built with the needs of the modern warfighter in mind. Designed to work seamlessly with any lower receiver that accepts a mil-spec M16/M4 Carbine bolt catch, this bolt catch offers unparalleled performance and functionality. With its increased surface area, the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch promotes ease of function when locking back the bolt or releasing it after a magazine change. No longer will the warfighter have to struggle or fumble with their controls in critical situations.

One of the standout features of this bolt catch is the extended controls, which provide enhanced functionality for left-handed shooters. Traditionally, left-handed shooters had to compromise their grip and break their shooting position in order to manipulate the bolt catch. However, with the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch, left-handed shooters can now keep a firm grip on their weapon while easily accessing the controls using the index finger of their left hand. This allows for quicker and more efficient magazine changes and bolt locking, ultimately improving the overall shooting experience and performance in the field.

In addition to its functional enhancements, the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch boasts a visually striking design. The levers of this bolt catch feature aggressive checkering, which not only adds a touch of rugged aesthetics but also serves a practical purpose. The textured surface of the levers provides positive feedback to the shooter’s hand, ensuring a secure grip even when wearing gloves or operating in low-light environments. This attention to detail in the design allows for confident and precise control over the bolt catch, regardless of the conditions faced on the battlefield.

Crafted with uncompromising quality, the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch is manufactured from properly heat-treated 8620 steel, ensuring outstanding durability and reliability. Furthermore, it is finished with a manganese phosphate coating, which provides corrosion resistance and increases the longevity of the bolt catch.

This commitment to excellence makes the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch a trusted and dependable choice for those seeking an enhanced mil-spec replacement. If you are seeking a reliable, durable, and high-performing bolt catch, look no further than the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch.


  • Increased Surface Area
  • Aggressive Checkering
  • Extended Controls
  • Made from 8620 steel with a manganese phosphate coating
  • Compatible with M16/M4 platform
Weight0.0600 lbs
Dimensions5.5000 × 4.2500 × 1.5000 in

Geissele Automatics






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Geissele Automatics Maritime Bolt Catch
Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch

In stock