GLOCK 28 Gen3 380 ACP 3.43″ 10rd

The GLOCK 28 Gen3 380 ACP 3.43″ 10rd: a compact, lightweight pistol designed for discreet carry. With low-recoil .380 ACP, it offers power, reliability, and user-friendly design for effective self-defense.

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The GLOCK 28 Gen3 380 ACP 3.43″ 10rd is a compact and lightweight pistol designed for exceptional performance in a discreet package. Tailored for personal defense and concealed carry, this versatile handgun offers both power and convenience, making it an excellent choice for those prioritizing self-defense in various situations.

Measuring compact enough to fit in a pocket or ankle holster, the GLOCK 28 Gen3 excels in discreet carry, ensuring accessibility when needed. Despite its small size, this pistol maintains a commitment to power and reliability. The standout feature of the GLOCK 28 Gen3 lies in its chambered round—the .380 ACP. Known for its low-recoil characteristics, this cartridge facilitates easy and accurate control, making it suitable for shooters of all experience levels. The manageable recoil enhances the ability to stay on target and achieve accurate shots, a valuable trait in self-defense scenarios.

With a 10-round capacity, the GLOCK 28 Gen3 ensures ample ammunition for effective self-defense. The pistol’s design prioritizes safety with its safe action trigger, providing an additional layer of security during use. Owning the GLOCK 28 Gen3 translates to having a reliable and user-friendly firearm that excels in concealed carry scenarios.

The combination of compact size, lightweight design, and low recoil makes the GLOCK 28 Gen3 a practical and accessible choice for concealed carry purposes. Whether used for personal protection or as a backup weapon, this pistol offers dependability and trustworthiness. In self-defense situations, where every second counts, the GLOCK 28 Gen3 provides peace of mind through its exceptional performance, reliability, and user-friendly design.

Balancing power and concealability, the GLOCK 28 Gen3 stands as an excellent option for responsible gun owners seeking a reliable firearm for personal defense. Don’t hesitate—secure your safety and peace of mind today with the GLOCK 28 Gen3 380 ACP 3.43″ 10rd and experience the outstanding performance and reliability that GLOCK is renowned for.


  • 380 ACP
  • 10 Round Capacity
  • Safe Action Trigger
Weight 3.0600 lbs
Dimensions 9.2500 × 10.5000 × 2.5000 in



380 ACP








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GLOCK 28 Gen3 380 ACP 3.43" 10rd
GLOCK 28 Gen3 380 ACP 3.43″ 10rd

Out of stock