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Everything you need to know about enjoying your Vanquish integrally suppressed system. We recommend you start here

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vanquish cleaning instructions

How to properly clean and maintain your Vanquish AR9 suppressor

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vanquish barrel installation

How to install your Vanquish AR9 Barrel

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how to run the vanquish wet

How to run your Vanquish suppressor wet.


vanquish sound comparison

Hear the Vanquish Suppressor in both long and short configurations running 115g & 147g 9mm both dry and wet


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, any device that muffles the sound of a firearm is considered a suppressor per the ATF and requires a tax stamp

The Vanquish is offered in two barrel lengths, a 16″ and 10.5″. The 16″ barrel qualifies as a rifle and is therefore a single tax stamp, whereas the 10.5″ barrel makes the gun a short barrel rifle (SBR) and requires two stamps

  1. Checkout on our website. In the shipping to fields, enter in the information for your local dealer (gun store) that will facilitate the transfer of the item. In order to transfer class III items, the dealer must have a SOT in addition to a FFL. If you don’t know who you want to use, enter your billing address as the shipping and we can edit it later.
  2. Once the license is received we submit a form 3 to transfer the item to your dealer. This typically takes 1-2 weeks to receive approval. Once it is approved we ship the item to your local dealer.
  3. At your local dealer you will complete the ATF form 4 and pay your $200 tax stamp.
  4. Once approved you take the item home and enjoy it!

Vanquish complete firearms are available in Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Sniper Grey, Midnight Bronze, Titanium and Jungle

Option A: Purchase a stripped barrel

If you purchase a stripped barrel, you will also need to purchase a handguard with a larger ID to accommodate the suppressor shroud. Please see the “handguard compatibility” and “barrel installation instructions” sections on this page.

Option B: Purchase a complete upper

If you purchase a complete Vanquish upper receiver you simply need to attach it to the lower receiver via the takedown and pivot pins.

The Vanquish shroud is 1.5″ so the handguard needs to be larger than this dimension. Here is a list of handguards that meet the requirement. Please confirm the ID’s listed here with the manufacturer to ensure this data is current.

  • Aero GenII Handguards – 1.72″
  • Seekins Precision SP3RV3 Rail System – 1.75″
  • Seekins Precision MCSRV2 Rail System – 1.8″
  • Lancer LCH5 GEN2 Handguard – 1.7″
  • Yankee Hill Machine MR7 Handguard – 1.75″
  • Maxim MDX – 1.8″
  • Midwest Industries Suppressor Series – 1.67″ (M-LOK accessories may not fit)
  • Odin Works O2 Lite – 1.6″ (M-LOK accessories will not fit)
  • Odin Works Standard – 1.6″ (M-LOK accessories will not fit)

Depending on the handguard you choose, you may need to use shorter M-LOK screws when installing attachments. This will prevent the screws from coming into contact with the suppressor shroud. It’s worth noting that most screws provided with attachments are longer than necessary. Based on our experience, we have found that the Vanquish barrel and handguards with a minimum inside diameter of 1.72″ are generally compatible with most M-LOK accessories. Just remember to use shorter M-LOK screws for optimal fit.

We include several of the most popular shortened screw sizes when you purchase your Vanquish

The Vanquish complete firearms and uppers come with an Aero Precision handguard. Unfortunately, the QD points are directly in line with the barrel adaptor and will not function. Therefore we include a separate M-LOK QD point which can be attached anywhere on the rifle and accomidate your QD accessory

The Vanquish complete upper is compatible with most AR9 lower receivers and mil-spec AR-15 receivers that use a mag block. Our upper receiver is precision-machined to meet internal mil-spec dimensions. Please note that the MP5 and CZ Scorpion magazines are wider than a standard upper receiver. If you intend to use either of these magazines, we recommend purchasing our 10.5″ Vanquish barrel or 16″ Vanquish barrel, along with an upper receiver specifically designed to accommodate these magazines. Contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance

Watch the installation video at the top of this page.

Installing the Vanquish suppressed barrel is the same as a standard barrel. Start by aligning the index pin on the barrel extension with the slot in your upper receiver. Then, follow the instructions provided by the handguard manufacturer to install the barrel nut and handguard. Lastly, slide the shroud over the barrel and securely attach the end cap to the threaded section. For detailed assembly instructions, refer to the instruction manual provided

The biggest velocity drop will be achieved with all ports open. You can adjust your velocity by closing some or all of the ports. Watch the overview video at the top of this page for a detailed explanation on adjusting your velocity

Detailed test results can be found on the main Vanquish page. Please note, depending on test conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) your results may differ slightly from day to day

No. +P or +P+ ammo is not recommended for use in any of our firearms

Yes, frangible ammunition can be used in the Vanquish

Unfortunately, we don’t have a definitive release date for the Vanquish Ruger 10/22 barrel at this time. Our best estimate is Q3 2024 at the earliest

In the future we plan on offering the Vanquish technology in additional calibers and platforms. Please note the following list is not exhaustive but merely a list of platforms in the prototyping or testing phase of development.

  • Ruger 10/22 Standard, 22LR
  • Ruger 10/22 Takedown, 22LR
  • Ruger Precision, 22LR
  • CMMG Banshee, 9mm & 45acp
  • CZ Scorpion EVO, 9mm
  • Ruger PC Carbine, 9mm
  • AR45, 45acp

We are actively seeking OEM opportunities for the Vanquish technology. If you are a firearms manufacturer please contact us to discuss opportunities

To become an Angstadt Arms stocking dealer, please submit a dealer signup request