Integrally Suppressed AR9

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the vanquish has replaced the udp-9i

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UDP-9i integrally suppressed ar9

Our first integrally suppressed rifle was a joint project with KGM Technologies. The result of the collaboration was the UDP-9i. It was at the time (and remains to this day) the lightest and quietest integrally suppressed AR9 ever made.

key features

  • The UDP-9i was available in two configurations: a 12″ SBR and a 16″ rifle

  • Full-auto rated with a 17-4 heat treated baffle stack and grade 9 titanium sleeve

  • Vented blast chamber to eliminate first round pop on even 115gr supersonic rounds

  • User adjustable port system, capably of 0-125 FPS in velocity reduction

Integrally Suppressed Vanquish AR9

redefining suppressed shooting

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