RISE Armament RA-140 Super Sporting Flat Trigger
RISE Armament RA-140 Super Sporting Flat Trigger
RISE Armament RA-140 Super Sporting Flat Trigger

RISE Armament RA-140 Super Sporting Flat Trigger

The RA-140 Super Sporting Flat Trigger is a high-quality trigger that features a crisp and distinct break, making it a popular choice among shooters. Learn more about its features and benefits below.


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When it comes to AR accessories, there are many vital components that contribute to the overall performance and functionality of this popular firearm platform. Bolt-carrier groups, upper receivers, and handguards all play important roles, ensuring that the AR operates smoothly and reliably. However, among all the parts and pieces, it is the trigger that truly stands out as the unsung hero, providing a direct interface between the gun and its shooter. Introducing the RISE Armament RA-140 Super Sporting Flat Trigger – a game-changer in the world of AR triggers. This exceptional component not only enhances your shooting experience but also delivers a range of features designed to boost accuracy, control, and speed.

One of the key features of the RA-140 Super Sporting Flat Trigger is its clean break with a short reset. This means that each trigger pull offers a crisp and distinct break, allowing for quick and precise follow-up shots. The short reset ensures that you can get back on target faster, improving your overall shooting performance. Another notable advantage of the RA-140 trigger is its ability to enhance accuracy by minimizing gun disturbance. Every experienced shooter knows that even the slightest movement or disturbance can affect shot placement. With the RA-140, you can expect improved accuracy and tighter groupings, giving you the confidence to hit your target with unmatched precision. Speed is also a crucial factor when it comes to shooting, especially in competitive scenarios or self-defense situations. The RA-140 trigger enables faster initial and follow-up shots when compared to a standard trigger. Its flat trigger blade provides enhanced control and a lighter feeling pull weight, allowing for quick, fluid, and consistent shooting.

Crafted with a single-stage trigger system, the RA-140 is known for its reliability and simplicity. By eliminating the complexity of two-stage triggers, this component ensures a consistent and smooth trigger pull, making it an ideal choice for both experienced shooters and beginners alike. Safety is always a top priority when handling firearms, and the RA-140 trigger has you covered. It is equipped with a drop safety feature, providing that extra peace of mind during your shooting sessions. You can focus on your target, knowing that your trigger is secure and dependable. Adding the RA-140 trigger to your AR is also a breeze. With a unit weight of 2.6oz, it is lightweight and ensures a balanced feel when installed in your firearm. It complements the overall weight distribution of the AR, making it a comfortable and ergonomic choice.

Upgrade your AR with the RISE Armament RA-140 Super Sporting Flat Trigger, and experience the full potential of your firearm. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a firearms enthusiast, or a responsible gun owner, this trigger is the perfect choice to elevate your shooting skills to new heights. With its exceptional features, unmatched performance, and reliability, the RA-140 will revolutionize the way you shoot and give you the confidence to hit your target with every pull of the trigger. Invest in the best – choose the RISE Armament RA-140 Super Sporting Flat Trigger and take your shooting game to the next level.


  • Clean break with a short reset
  • Enhanced accuracy by minimizing gun disturbance
  • Allows faster initial and follow up shots when compared to a standard trigger
  • Flat trigger blade for enhanced control and lighter feeling pull weight
  • Single stage trigger system
  • Drop safety feature
  • Unit weight: 2.6oz

Rise Armament


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RISE Armament RA-140 Super Sporting Flat Trigger "Live Free or Die"
RISE Armament RA-140 Super Sporting Flat Trigger
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