RISE Armament Blitz Defense Trigger 4.5lb

The Blitz Defense Trigger 4.5lb offers a crisp 4.5-pound pull and an insanely fast reset, making it an ideal choice for self-defense applications. Discover more below about this high-performance trigger.

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The RISE Armament Blitz Defense Trigger 4.5lb is a trigger that you can rely on in any self-defense situation. With its reliable and crisp 4.5-lb pull, this trigger provides the performance upgrades you need to ensure your safety. Whether it’s in a 9MM AR or an AR-15, the Blitz Defense trigger delivers exceptional performance. One of the key features of the Blitz Defense trigger is its insanely fast reset. This allows for quick and accurate follow-up shots, giving you a significant advantage in any self-defense scenario.

You can feel and hear the ultra-fast Quik-Klik reset, which helps you maintain control and accuracy. The wide and comfortable trigger blade of the Blitz Defense trigger is another feature that sets it apart. Designed for control and ease of use, the trigger blade offers a comfortable grip and leads to an icicle-crisp break. It sits further back in the trigger well, providing plenty of room if you have bigger hands or if you need to wear gloves. But it’s not just the performance upgrades that make the Blitz Defense trigger stand out. The trigger housing is made of blue anodized 6061 aluminum, machined from a solid block. This makes it more durable and longer-lasting compared to punch-tin housings.

No matter the conditions you find yourself in, the Blitz Defense trigger will perform flawlessly. Installation of the Blitz Defense trigger is simple. All you have to do is drop it into your AR and secure it with the included anti-walk pins. This ensures a secure fit and enhances the overall performance of your firearm. The RISE Armament Blitz Defense Trigger 4. 5lb is packed with features that make it a reliable and high-performance option for self-defense. Its 4.

5-lb pull, single-stage design, and hybrid trigger blade combine to provide exceptional control, accuracy, and ease of use. The interior parts of the trigger are made of S7 tool steel with heavy-hit hardening and are black nitride finished, ensuring their durability and longevity. Upgrade your AR or 9MM AR with the RISE Armament Blitz Defense Trigger 4. 5lb and experience the improved performance and reliability it offers. Trust in your equipment and be prepared for any self-defense situation.


  • 4.5-lb. pull, single stage
  • Ultra-fast Quik-Klik reset you can feel and hear for rapid follow-up shots
  • Virtually no creep to help you stay on target
  • Exceptionally crisp, breaks like an icicle
  • Hybrid trigger blade that combines the best aspects of curved and flat triggers
  • NoWay Take-up, no trigger take-up before engaging the sear
  • Interior parts are S7 tool steel with heavy-hit hardening and black nitride finished
  • LiteMite Hammer, Reduces weight while packing a powerful punch
  • Blue anodized 6061 aluminum housing
  • Includes anti-walk trigger pins for secure installation
  • Fits AR-style platforms built to mil-spec dimensions, calibers include .223/5.56, .308, 6.5, 9MM, and more
Weight 0.2500 lbs
Dimensions 7.0000 × 4.2500 × 1.0000 in

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RISE Armament Blitz Defense Trigger 4.5lb
RISE Armament Blitz Defense Trigger 4.5lb

Out of stock