Elevate your AR-15 with the HIPERFIRE X2S MOD-2 Trigger for unparalleled performance. Featuring cutting-edge technology, user-adjustable pull weights, and innovative design, this two-stage trigger sets new standards. Upgrade for precision shooting and unmatched reliability.

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Experience unparalleled performance and unmatched reliability with the HIPERFIRE X2S MOD-2 Trigger. This two-stage AR trigger sets new standards, surpassing the competition in the realm of single-stage AR triggers. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, self-defense enthusiast, or range enthusiast, a flawlessly functioning rifle is paramount. HIPERFIRE, renowned for revolutionizing the industry with the HIPERTOUCH family, takes it further with the X2S family.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovative features, the X2S MOD-2 Trigger ensures optimal performance and user satisfaction. It features the acclaimed Radical Sear Mechanics, Cam-Over Toggle Engine, and Soft Start Lock-Up technologies that define HIPERFIRE triggers. User-adjustable pull weights, mil-grade components, and precision manufacturing make the X2S MOD-2 one of the most robust two-stage triggers available.

The MOD-2 design offers a shorter first stage than the MOD-1, allowing faster first stage preparation while maintaining the same sear geometry and performance as the MOD-3. The curved trigger bow enhances comfort and ergonomics, and the standard Manganese Phosphate coating ensures durability and corrosion resistance.

Key features include a minimal, user-adjustable 2 – 3 pound first stage, a minimal second stage wall with a 1 1/2 pound weight, and a total 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 pound pull with green or red springs respectively. The distinct wall between stages allows effective prepping of the trigger for enhanced control and accuracy. The clean break and weightless over-travel ensure a seamless shooting experience.

The Cam-Over Toggle Engine allows lighter pull weights without compromising hammer strike energy, ensuring reliable ignition and consistent performance. The Soft Start Lock-Up eliminates rifle flinch after the break, enabling more accurate shots at a distance.

Invest in the HIPERFIRE X2S MOD-2 Trigger to elevate your shooting experience. Whether you’re a professional shooter or firearm enthusiast, this trigger enhances your rifle’s performance and reliability, instilling confidence in precise and consistent shooting. Choose HIPERFIRE for the ultimate trigger upgrade for your AR platform.


  • Two-stage AR trigger
  • Minimal, user adjustable, 2 – 3 pound first stage
  • Minimal second stage wall with a 1 1/2 pound weight
  • Total 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 pound pull with green or red springs respectively
  • Distinct wall between first and second stages allows for effective, prepping, of the trigger for added control,
  • Clean, effortless break
  • Weightless, imperceptible over-travel
  • Cam-Over Toggle Engine allows for lighter pull weights without losing hammer strike energy
  • Soft Start Lock-Up aids in eliminating rifle, flinch, after the break for more accurate shots at distance
Weight 0.3100 lbs
Dimensions 7.0000 × 4.0000 × 1.0000 in







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